The Rhetoric and Teaching Witch!


Welcome to my site! This blog is a space to talk about all things English language related: teaching (high school and college), books, public news, and, of course, WRITING!

I write about topics that are relevant to education or English as a field. I have experience in the K12 setting (a public high school in Florida) and the community college setting (two public ones in Ohio). I currently teach English at Clark State College (Ohio). My areas of interest/expertise are: Developmental English education (course instruction and program redesign), Early American Literature, and Disability Studies (IND and SLD). I present but one side of often multi-faceted topics.

To navigate this site: the top right links will take you to my blog or my Open Educational Resource for Early American Literature. The bottom right links will take you to the same spaces plus my about page and contact page.

I am always open to hearing from you. Happy reading!

Latest from the Blog

Does your college class count?

There is a problem in today’s colleges. It’s not the so-called liberal agenda or indoctrination. (And seriously– try talking to a college student, or any student– they are often strong in their beliefs and convictions). Across the nation, the problem is money. Students are wasting money on courses, often called remedial or developmental courses, that…

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