Toy story: a poem

there is a Lego stuck to my foot, a light in every room,

every toy has a story

every toy must be told

to go, go, go

where the wild things grow

and be forgotten

like a blade of grass in the sun

our faces turn away

up, down

who knows?

But there is a Lego stuck to my foot

3 thoughts on “Toy story: a poem

  1. Thank you for your interesting post about this important topic. In your opinion, cab Chat GPT be used to help teach topics such as outlining and brainstorming topics? We’ve been discussing Chat GPT and potential uses in the classroom at Columbus State Community College in an effort to see AI as an ally in the growth and development of writers rather than a hinderance. Have a great week and thank you again for the interesting post.
    -Rob Ryder


    1. I absolutely think ChatGPT could be used to teach outlining/brainstorming. I wouldn’t want my students to use it on their first or even second essay as they need to practice the skill (brainstorming) to understand how the process works. I was impressed with the outline ChatGPT produced for a text analysis essay (on Twilight of all things).

      Has Columbus State discussed an institutional policy regarding its use? We haven’t really discussed any policies.

      I hope you’re well!

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      1. That’s such a great question about whether we’ve discussed a policy regarding the use of Chat GPT at Columbus State. I know that there’s been discussion about how the use of AI when composing papers fits into the category of cheating, but not plagiarism (since the computer is composing an original work). I think we have a similar classification of writing that someone else (girlfriend, boyfriend, family member, etc.) has produced for someone else.

        I’m on an AI committee that will be developing a syllabus statement and other materials about this new technology. There’s also discussion about how GPTZero might be used to detect the likelihood that AI has composed a piece of writing.

        I hope you’re well also and thank you for the interesting writing you post on your site!


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