The Bunny Chronicles

A small, but long-term project that I’ve undertaken is the story of Baby Bunny. I want to write and draw stories about Bunny as he goes on his adventures. Thus, the creation of The Bunny Chronicles.

Bunny becomes an astronaut


I like to write and draw. I will openly admit, I am not the greatest at drawing. But these activities are fun for me. Also, The Bunny Chronicles is a way to create a connection with my son, whom we call “Bunny” in public and before birth.

There are a lot of stories out there aimed at children of all ages. Some stories are great, some are good, and a lot are bad. I take issue with the message or language presented in some of these stories– most recently “Never Touch a Dragon”.

In the book, these poor dragons are abandoned, sold, etc.. for being natural (they are dragons, and that’s okay). Instead of subtly teaching about consent (as “Never Touch a Shark” does), the book teaches bad morals.

I want Bunny to know what is okay and what is not. I, also, want to entertain Bunny. I want Bunny to believe anything is possible through cooperation and inquisitiveness. I want Bunny to become a strong, considerate human being.

What’s the plan?

I like to plan, though they often go awry. As of now, I plan to upload more portions of The Bunny Chronicles every two months.

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