Top 10 Teaching Resources

Let’s face it: there are way too many English, writing, and literature resources out there! (Of which, this may be one– humor, yo!). I’ve made a list here of resources that I use for English news, writing hints, and literature tips.

These are the best resources.


Purdue OWL

English is a living language– that means it changes. Purdue OWL is the best website for citation style help (both MLA and APA). There is other information as well, but the citation guide is strongest.


Crash Course

This video series on YouTube has the best basic information on a variety of topics. I use the literature guides as an additional resource for my students when reading novels.


UNC Chapel Hill

The strength of the UNC Chapel Hill website is its in-depth grammar and English usage guide. The website explains the nitty-gritty of the English language– the how and when of English usage.


Inside HigherEd

It is vital to keep up-to-date of the latest news, laws, and movements. Inside HigherEd not only has current reporting, but also has interesting perspectives in the OpEd section.

Other Cool Resources

  • Quality Matters- offers certification and training in online teaching
  • Thug Notes- funny YouTube analysis of popular novels and stories
  • Creative Commons- usable resources like photos, audio, etc.. with no or little copyright restrictions
  • CommonLit- texts and questions grouped by theme, grade, or Lexile Level
  • OER Commons- whole courses or textbooks with no or little copyright restrictions
  • Canva- website for the creation of memes, classroom posters, anything..
Image made using Canva resources

Bonus! Resources to avoid:

  • Scholarly journals- journal articles are often too nuanced and time-consuming for busy teachers to read regularly. I suggest reading journals when you have free time or are especially interested in the topic

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