15 Phrases to Use One Day.

There are many cool phrases that I see on the internet or hear from my students. I want to one day use these in some of my creative writing. Here are 15 of my current favorite phrases/prompts:

  1. “You’re not going to survive this war.” “If I was worried about that, I’d have brought it up months ago.”
  2. “I’m going to bring you in on this conversation.” “Do you have to?”
  3. “Ignoring everyone in the room is my favorite part of this tradition”
  4. “Please, don’t, I have a kid!” “Why should I care if you’ve reproduced?”
  5. “You’re changing.” “So is the rest of the world.”
  6. “It runs in the family.” “Well, this is where it runs out.”
  7. “Mother.” “Disgrace.”
  8. “I am the Queen.” “And yet, you’re still not enough.”
  9. When I imagined her coming down the aisle, I didn’t imagine her in a casket.
  10. No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.
  11. I panicked and told them I was proficient in blood magic, not expecting to get the job.
  12. The ladies of the house were versed in all the fine arts: music, dance, flower arranging, and necromancy.
  13. The official story is we’ve got a rat problem, okay?
  14. Fight me, you ceramic bitch
  15. Holy mother of rectangles

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