Things Your High Schooler Said

High schoolers are funny.

But parents don’t often get to see their child’s humor. I get it– you’re tired (mentally, emotionally, physically). Every day, I get to see how high schoolers think and feel about their life. I want you to enjoy these interactions, too. Here are some funny things your child may have said:


On cloning

I’m going to clone you. I might already have your DNA. 


On prefixes

If something’s ridiculous for the first time, is it just “diculous”?


On being broke

I’m broke. I could give you monopoly money.


On old age

Twenty is so old. (said by a high school freshman)

Other hilarious student sayings:

Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, Fourthly..

Hey, mom.

He’s like an off brand Ed Sheeran.

I remember a cheer we used to do: Porkchop, porkchop. Greasy, greasy. We’re gonna beat you. Easy, easy.

My pants are sticking to my legs. Why is life so hard?

(speaking about another teacher assigning seats to students) He needed to break up the iron curtain back there.

There’s a video on facebook like how do I get my armpit to tan? 

I didn’t know they [geese] were pregnant with eggs.

(After teacher getting a pixie haircut) Where’d all your hair go? 

My aunt looks like a potato when she tries to dress like a girl.

(9th grade Honors students after receiving a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, but no homework) But Miss, this is so much work.

Death swamp. Everything happens in a swamp (said by a student living in Florida)

That means Ms. XX was teaching you while she was in her mom’s stomach (guessing a substitute’s age)

My mom painted her eyebrows and I called her Frida (Kahlo). My dad showed her a picture and laughed with me.

I’d rather get shot than my heart broken. At least then I know the wound would heal.

(Speaking about Romeo). He is a simp.

Insult her! (speaking of throwing Shakespearean insults at the teacher)

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