Why The RaTW?

The best discussion is an open discussion.

I am the creator of The Rhetoric and Teaching Witch. This is a place to discuss issues related to English, specifically writing, news, and teaching (though I will probably branch out as the need arises). While I am just one person, I want to share my viewpoints on these topics to facilitate discussion.

Why read this blog specifically? While I am mid-career, I have a variety of experience not usually found in one person. I was an English Faculty and Coordinator of the Developmental English Program for five years at a college. Now, I teach English to students with disabilities in a high school. I’ve seen the experiences, abilities, and concerns of students at multiple educational levels.

What topics will not be discussed? Motherhood or the English monarchy. While motherhood affects my teaching, and it’s a fallacy to believe it wouldn’t, this is not the space for those discussions. This is the place for All Things English, but discussions of the English monarchy are on other outlets. The discussions of power and social status could be interesting, but I am more focused on the nuance of language or teaching here.

What are potential next steps? I would like to learn video making/editing to include elements on this website. A mix modalities is always interesting.

I also hope to blog every two weeks at the least.

If you’re a fan of The Office, the title is a subtle reference to Kelly Kapoor’s business acumen.

So, welcome to my site. I hope to have thorough, open discussions on topics relevant to the English language, writing, or teaching. Stay safe and see you again soon!

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